adolescent angst
destruction is a form of creation

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Artist: UnknownThe 1975
Title: UnknownChocolate (Layered)
Album: UnknownThe 1975
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I love you

dark pale ft glow
Artist: UnknownThe Strokes
Title: UnknownI'll Try Anything Once
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'A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey
— (via 99teen)

dark pale ft glow

I’m listening to Pretty When I Cry by Lana Del Rey, and as soon I scrolled onto this the line “I’m pretty when I cry” came on thought that was pretty neat
Artist: UnknownThe 1975
Title: UnknownRobbers (3D Audio)
Album: UnknownThe 1975
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i don’t care about straight girls who are afraid to cut their hair short in case they get called lesbians, i care about the fact that lesbians are being used as fucking insults 


Romanticisation of Mental Illness, Kelsey Weaver